Background of the Judiciary

The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977 vests the authority and responsibility to administer justice in the Judiciary of Tanzania. The Judiciary has its foundation on Article 107A (1) and 107B of the Constitution and states clearly about the Independence of the Judiciary in the United Republic of Tanzania. Now the strategic plan for Judicial Independence is focused in both form and content.

Mandate of Judiciary

The mandate of Judiciary to perform its functions is obtained from the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania vide article 107 and its primary function is to dispense justice with equity and compassion according to laws of Tanzania.

Roles and Functions

With above mandate the roles and functions of the Judiciary include:

  • Interpreting diverse Laws and execution administrative decisions.
  • Hearing and deciding cases filed before the courts of law.
  • Educating members of the public of their rights obligations under the laws of the Tanzania.
  • Facilitating maintenances of peace and order through good governance and the rule of law.