Through Government, Government institutions' websites, information covering various sectors of the economy are accessible at a click of a mouse.


Government Institutions

1. Official Government Website

1. Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC)

2. Ministry of Finance

2. Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation

3. Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)

4. Tanzania Embassy, Washington USA

4. The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA)

5. Tanzania High Commission in U.K

5. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

6. Tanzania Embassy, Bonn German

6. Bank of Tanzania (BOT)

7. Tanzania Embassy, Tokyo Japan

7. The Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade)

8. Tanzania Embassy, Rome Italy

8. Presidential Parastatal Sector Reform Commission (PSRC)

9. Tanzania Embassy, Paris France

9. Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB)

10. Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Tanzania


11. Parliament of Tanzania