Economic Diplomacy

Economic considerations:

tz china President Kikwete with China President XI Jinping during official visit2Since the advent of the new millennium, economic considerations have received utmost priority in the formulation and conduct of Tanzania's foreign policy. The new foreign policy is geared towards enabling Tanzania to face the new development challenges inherent in the changes brought about as a result of the process of globalization and the shift towards market-led economies. In adjusting to these global changes, the formulation and conduct of the country's new foreign policy, which aims at fostering sustainable people-centered development is now focused on economic considerations.

Working under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Tanzania's Diplomatic Mission abroad have an important role to play in the government's stepped-up efforts to effectively put this new foreign policy into practice.

The tasks before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation in affecting the new foreign policy are many. The focus is on development through economic diplomacy. 

 As a matter of priority, economic diplomacy involves:

  • Steering international processes towards contributing to Tanzania's efforts at economic development through elaborating arrangements for accessing technical assistance, financing, trading and investments.
  • Mainstreaming economic issues to the extent that even political commitments such as conflict resolution, promotion of human rights and others, shall be perceived as permitting environments for economic co-operation and development.
  • Pursuing a result-based foreign policy with specific time-limited objectives, which shall be monitored and evaluated, on a continuing basis by an accountable service.

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