We inform You that, starting from 11th November 2019, the Visa Service has been updated and the Embassy of Rome will no longer issue any type of visa for entering Tanzania.

The new procedure for obtaining entry visas is exclusively the TELEMATIC on-line visa.

The Consulate of Milan is able to provide the service necessary for assistance in issuing visas to all tourists who may request.

From 1st January 2020, you can visit the following link https://www.consolatotanzania.org/visti/ to get all the information and assistance needed.

Attention: The Embassy of Tanzania, and the Tanzanian Consulate of Milan V.le Piceno n. 5, are the only Institutional Offices of the Government of Tanzania in Italy. Any other website that offers to issue entry visas to Our Nation is not a Government site and, therefore, they are private agencies without any institutional guarantee and with eventual risk on the tourists who apply to these agencies.