The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Rome is both a bilateral and multilateral.

Bilaterally, in addition to its representation to the Republic of Italy, the Embassy is also accredited to the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovena, the Republic of Croatia the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Repulic of Malta, the Republic of Slovenia, and the Republics of Serbia and Montenegro. 

Multilaterally, the Embassy is the Permanent Representative of ht e United Republic of Tanzania to the UN Agencies here in Rome, namely, Food Agricultural Organization (FAO), World Food Program (WFP) and the International Financial Assistance Development (IFAD).

The Embassy main pre-occupation is to promote Tanzania's economic and other interests. In this regard, it has pursued active and sustainable economic diplomacy by reaching out to potential investors, business and financial interests in the area of accreditation and encouraging them to do business with Tanzania.

In this regard, the Embassy as a diplomatic entity has also initiated economic activities between the host governments and Tanzania, with the objective to facilitate income growth, social welfare, develop industry and agriculture and create employment. The main focus of the Embassy is the agricultural, tourist, and industry sectors.

I. Services to Foreigners

  • Visa issuance
  • Visa requirement approval 

II. Services to Tanzanian Nationals

  • Renewal of passports for Tanzania national abroad
  • Passport replacements for Tanzania national abroad
  • Issuance of Emergence Travel Documents (ETC) to Tanzania nationals in distress abroad
  • Receiving and forwarding of citizenship renunciation application forms and corresponding certificates
  • Passport endorsements
  • Providing advisory services to Tanzania national in problems.

III. Commercial activities:

IV. International partnerships:
  • Facilitating co-operation between NGOs in Tanzania and NGOs in the area of our representation.
  • Conciliating cultural exchange between Tanzanian and the other countries in the area of our representation.

V. Multilateral activities


Ministry of Industry and Trade
Tanzania Central Freight Bureau
Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture
Economic and Social Research Foundation
Small Industries Development Organisation
Tanzania Bureau of Standards
Bank of Tanzania
Centre for International Business Development Services
Confederation of Tanzania Industries
Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
Tanzania Investment Centre
Tanganyika Farmers Association


Online downloadable forms: In an effort to expedite your business transaction with the Embassy, and save you valuable time, we have placed the necessary forms on the Internet for you to download at your convenience.